This series is a meditation on the dynamics of chance and self-determination, individual intent and serendipity. The ink washes suggest aerial landscape photography or mapping. The lines move through the landscape in a pattern that is both random and responds to the ‘terrain’. View this series »


The Longview series began as a purely formal investigation in which I overlaid a rigorous band of horizontal lines over a “landscape” of diaphanous ink washes. View this series »

Evidence of the sublime

This series began as an exploration of processes and materials and has morphed into a meditation on the profound and barely discernible patterns that organize the universe as well as the underlying interconnectedness of all things. View this series »

Pangaea Studies

These paintings are part of a series sparked by my discovery that the Pangaea supercontinent breakup some 250 million years ago was just the most recent instance of at least three successive global cycles of continental merger and separation. View this series »


This series uses line and color to evoke the paths that human lives take, the influences on those paths, the conscious and unconscious choices made. View this series »